Have matching pieces cleaned together. Never remove care labels.

Take garments to the Drycleaners on a regular basis. Dirt in the fibers can cause garments to abrade and show wear. Stains are more difficult to remove the longer they remain in the garments.

Do not press soiled clothes, heat sets stains.

Applying water to "remove" a stain can cause rings that are more difficult to remove than the original stain.

Bring soiled garment to dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Alert the cleaner to any stains, visible or non-visible

Provide the Drycleaner with details about the location and substance of the stains.

Apply perfume, hair spray, deodorants and lotions carefully. Contact of these items with the fabric can affect the color dyes.

Don't hang clothes in direct sun, dyes will sun fade and fume fade.
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